Tom Sears
A portrait of a woman in a black hat and white dress

Markus Erikkson

Markus Erikkson


Marcus Erikkson is an acclaimed photographer originally from Sweden who now resides in Vancouver, Canada. He has a wide range of clients such as Nike, Beats by Dre, and ESPN and brings a refined and individual approach to lighting in each project he is a part of. For his website he wanted the site to be extremely simple, usable, modern and to show his broad range of work in a thoughtful manner.

We decided to base the site on the idea of randomization. Every time a page is refreshed, a different organic grid of the relevant images is shown. We also leaned on using a different color background for each one of his projects, using a color pulled from the project itself to give them an individual look. This led to the homepage traveling through a gradient from one color to another as the viewer passed through each project.


Creative Director
Tom Sears
Design & Art Direction
Marvin Schwaibold
Motion Design
Lionel Taurus
Yael Bienenstock
Development and Build
Adam Hartwig
Shayna Friedman