Tom Sears
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Squarespace Platform


The core offering of Squarespace is democratizing good web design for everyone, and at the center of that is the Squarespace product.

I have led the visual output of all the Squarespace core product from templates right back to the expressibility of the sections that allow us to make the templates. Using analysis and research to know how best to make useful offerings to our customers and then working with UI designers and engineers to add features ultimately allows our customers to seamlessly create their brands on Squarespace.

Core Platform

Squarespace's core platform is what it is most commonly associated with, and caters to more than 3.7 million users and allows them to create their online presence. Our team is responsible for creating and categorizing feature sets and the flexibility that each feature is released with in order to help our customers to express their brands. This includes coming up with the final goals in terms of visual design, and working with engineering and product to create UI that makes complex graphic design in a simple way.



At the heart of many CMS platforms are the templates. the starting points that inspire users to take the next step with their ideas. Squarespace prides itself by putting the design of our templates at the forefront. When the latest version of Squarespace (known as 7.1) was launched we created the first 50 templates for launch and now that number has grown to well over 100 templates, each designed for a specific vertical, allowing the best possible starting point depending on what a user needs. Each template is then infinitely customizable.

Web Concepts

Web Concepts

Concepts is a creatively driven collaborative team with a goal of augmenting and building upon the current product, while also concepting future products. With a unique team skillset within our org including Motion Designers, Graphic Designers, Creative Prototypers, Creative Technologists and 3D designers, we are able to operate from start to finish of projects independently in order to remain nimble. I have been lucky enough to lead the direction of this team for over three years since its inception and put out work to help a broad range of projects within the Squarespace org.


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